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How much does each Trading Strategy subscription cost?

How do I subscribe to a Strategy?

What if I make my purchase mid-month?

Can I cancel my participation at any time?

Where do I go to cancel a subscription?

Where do I go to find my TradeWise account number?

Can I change my subscription from one strategy to another?

Can I receive the Market Blog daily commentary via email?

My Subscription

How much does it cost?

When will I be billed for each subscription?

Do I need to have a TD Ameritrade account to subscribe?

Are TradeWise recommendations available for autotrade?

How do I register for Autotrade at TD Ameritrade?

Are there any additional fees for Autotrade at TD Ameritrade?

How often will I receive trade recommendations?

What happens if I sign up for a Strategy mid-month?

How much should I allocate to each trade?

How do I view archived trades for my strategies?

Are there any other fees or hidden costs with TradeWise?

What are the commission charges on these recommendations?

Can I discontinue Autotrade at any time?

Where do I send questions about recommendations and trade criteria?

Can these recommendations be used in an IRA?

Can we get trade emails via text-message?

How do I set up my account to get text messages?

Market Blog

I can't read the emails, what's wrong?

How do I sign up for the free Market Blog emails?

How do I turn off the email commentary updates?

Are the daily commentaries archived?

How can I contact TradeWise?


Is a TD Ameritrade account required to use Autotrade?

Are all TD Ameritrade accounts eligible to use Autotrade?

How do I register for Autotrade at TD Ameritrade?

Are there any additional fees for Autotrade?

Will I be guaranteed participation in a trade recomendation as long as I have an active allocation?

Can I Initiate/discontinue Autotrade at any time?